— hideh

This is a website about me, a futurist, entrepreneur, dreamer, techie, CIO/CTO, parent, chef, lifetime student, and Brooklyn resident. For further information, go to the following social media pages @ hideh:

I’m currently the CTO of The JAR Group, an interactive marketing agency that helps clients grow their revenue. I’m a founder of a business that is creating a technology tool to help businesses interpret their data to improve their bottom line. My interest in managing vast amount of data to provide insight has spanned the internet, pharmaceutical, and finance industries.

I was formerly the head of technology at Premier Research Group, a professional services company providing clinical development services to the pharmaceutical industry with 21 offices and operates in over 30 countries worldwide. Prior to joining Premier Research Group, I was a Senior Producer and Strategist at a Wall Street private equity firm, EarlyBird Capital Inc.

I’m a founder/publisher of DumboNYC.com, an hyperlocal online community about the Brooklyn neighborhood known as Dumbo. The site currently receives 45,000+ unique visitors per month and 80,000+ page views per month. I’m also a co-founder of BrooklynStartup, a website dedicated to becoming a touchstone for the Brooklyn startup community.

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