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Predictive Analytics for Retailers

Here’s an interesting HBR article in the December 2011 issue on targeting customers at the right moment across the right channel using predictive analytics.

I like one quote in the article, because it’s true for me and probably many other parents:

“Clubcard shoppers who buy diapers for the first time at a Tesco store are mailed coupons not only for baby wipes and toys but also for beer. (Data analysis revealed that new fathers tend to buy more beer, because they are spending less time at the pub.)”

Combining social, mobile, and location based data is a fairly new concept for retailers, but can be a powerful target for customers’ needs. The use of analytics can uncover so much more insight on customers’ lifestyles to anticipate their needs.

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  1. admin says: December 22, 20111:47 pm

    I don’t have metrics, but purchased beer and diapers before.

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