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What are the hottest analytics / data mining areas in 2012?

Our friends over at KD Nuggets posed a question about analytics and data mining trends in 2012. As of today, the poll results are broken down as such:

  • Analytics in the Cloud and Hadoop (16%)
  • Big Data (21%)
  • Competition platforms (5%)
  • Game analytics (4%)
  • Location-aware analytics (9%)
  • Social analytics (17%)
  • Privacy (4%)
  • Sensor data (6%)
  • Text analytics (14%)
  • Other (3%)

Analytics in the Cloud and Hadoop, big data, social analytics, and text analytics are almost evenly spread out with big data at 21%. You can argue that all of the choices can amount to big data, so it makes sense that it is the leader in the poll by analytics professionals. What I believe will be the biggest area is how big data analysis is used on the other areas, and the combination of several of these can potentially unlock a goldmine of information for any business that collects and uses data. What do you see as the hottest analytics area in 2012?

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